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  1. GoToFap says:

    Olivia’s Overwatch part 1
    “Took you long enough.”

    “We do apologize. The bitch serving as your current seat decided to interfere. We would have simply killed her, but we had a feeling you’d want to enjoy her in your own peculiar way.”

    “Very well, I forgive you. The mercenaries?”

    “All dead. They never saw it coming.”

    “Splendid. Did you hear that, Miss Pauling? For all your bragging, anyone who could save you from what’s coming is dead. And now, I’m going to break you. HARD.”

    “Ahem. Perhaps a little donation for our efforts?”

    “Ah, of course. Perhaps I can interest you in a little…personal work for a bonus.”

    “What did you have in mind?”

    “I showed you mine, you show me yours.”

    Olivia’s Overwatch part 2
    “Aw, too bad, Chika. Looks like you couldn’t outrun us this time. Don’t even need to waste a bullet now, do I? I just have to pinch your nose for a few minutes, and it’s adios to you.”

    “Enough, Sombra. Don’t give this bitch any hope that we might end her suffering before it starts.”

    “Heh. I’d think a spider would have more fun with her prey. So, my not-so-speedy bitch, I bet you’re wondering what we got planned for you. As it happens, we’re on our way to meet a new client. Spiderwoman here’s gonna pop her captors’ heads off. Then we’re gonna give you to her as a present.”

    Olivia’s Overwatch part 3
    “Welcome to your first performance review, Miss Pauling. I’m sure you remember Miss Sombra, my new secretary. Let me answer what you’re already thinking; yes, she’s even more beautiful than the last time you saw her.”

    “I love you too, boss. ‘Sup, Chika?”

    “I’d invite you to take a seat, but I have no doubt that your pert little bottom is VERY sore indeed. And since you seem to have your mouth full, I nominate Miss Widowmaker to speak on your behalf. If you please?”

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