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One thought on “Batman - [Online SuperHeroes][Gallery][14] - Catwoman Dominates the Penguin

  1. MyAuthor says:

    ID: 271
    Title: Catwoman dominates the Penguin
    Posted: on Thursday, April 19th, 2007

    Description: Poor Penguin had no idea what he was getting into when Catwoman said she wanted to play. He though that he’d get to do whatever he wanted with her, but as soon as he arrived with his cock already rock hard she put him in a collar and told him to kneel. He’s not going to disobey a beautiful woman like that so he did exactly as she commanded. His reward was a huge red dildo up his ass and a lovely facesitting from the cat babe. Finally she allowed him to fuck her pussy, although she kept his cock tied off so he couldn’t cum…

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