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One thought on “Ben 10 - [Sharkteeth] - Gwen's Magical Misstep

  1. GoToFap says:

    Gwen couldn’t take it anymore! Despite learning that she could preform MAGIC of all things she still felt like she was behind her cousin Ben in usefulness! Just because he found the Omnitrix and could turn into amazing aliens he thought he was so great! Well she would show him, she found a book of summoning magic after their latest showdown with Charmcaster.

    The Thicc Gwen and Succubus are the Kunabato Style Gwen and Veena from KaosKatsu
    The Ben is Evaan’s work
    The young Gwen I do not remember where i got it from.
    There was one Different Young Gwen which is from XYNFEY

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