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One thought on “Crossover - [Sharkteeth] - Fairly Odd Ninja Sensei

  1. GoToFap says:

    Timmy was an average kid, that no one understands. He does his best with his Fairy God Parents but sometimes his wants casue more problems then the average Kid. Though he always does his best to fix any problems those wants casue. Unknown to him, others have been watching the chaos he’s been causing with great interest and admiration, These others are the The Universal Order of Chaos. The Universal Order of Chaos does not have that many Chaotic Neutral representatives in the multiverse so every now and then they grant those representatives boons to keep them happy and Chaotic.

    Now its Timmy’s Turn to get some of those boons for himself. Luckily the UOC works on a Multiversal scale for their rewards.

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