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  1. GoToFap says:

    You may know that Santa makes a list, and even checks it twice, but few know that his wife also makes a list every year;
    The Exxxtra Naughty List.
    It’s a list of naughty villainesses who Santa visits himself to punish for their bad deeds as Coal wouldn’t have the same impact on them as it does for others. This Year’s set of name’s may be his toughest yet, but with Christmas cheer and a little magic Santa knows that he can do it.

    Mrs. Clause is Extreme Soda’s work from the discord
    The two Santa’s is an edited work of Zolla Classic on the discord
    The Shego is an edited Mr.Delgado’s work with my favored Rampage body from KaosKatsu’s cards
    Harley Quinn is an edited Mr. Delgado work
    Ragyo is an edited KaosKatsu card
    The two reindeer were found in Bepis
    The Christmas Room at the end is from JetJaguar
    And most of the scene poses are cannibalized from WamekuKyouzin’s sets

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