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One thought on “Crossover - [Sharkteeth] - The Unexpected Harem Scrap Dump

  1. GoToFap says:

    *The characters Featured are not of my own creation. They are downloaded from other creators with the express intent to use in creative purposes only and no incentive of Monetization. Thank you to the Creators who made the assets used in this work, If I do not give proper credit please inform me so I can do so the next time.*

    All Characters are over 18+

    This is an idea that has been niggling in my brain for a while, about how some characters, even main ones, never seem to get the harem route that they truly deserve. While Characters like Naruto and Ichigo have legions of waifus rush towards them there are those who are happy to stick to the shadows with their waifus…
    These are some of their stories….

    Most of the woman cards are a combination of KaosKatsu and Evaan and the scenes i found on a combination of the discord and Bepis.

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